License Control Tool: manage licenses

Does this Daily Peak Application Usage graph look familiar?

Bentley Daily Peak Overage without License Control Tool

4D select developed an affordable Tool that allows the user to control software usage and to avoid unwanted overage charges. Overage is using more licenses of a software product than owned or expected.

Being a Bentley Open Access member using Bentley software, you are supposed to be familiar with the ” Trusted License” policy. You can install the software on as many machines as you like, but you need the check the actual usage manually based on a daily peak application usage. Bentley does not prevent the overage and only notifies you of the overage after the fact.  Using hourly buckets to register the usage, it becomes virtually impossible to know how many of your perpetual licenses are being used in your company at any given time. Since January 2014 Bentley is sending out Quarterly invoices to customers having overused their products based on the end user price of the overused software (14% or 16 %).

A lot of Bentley users received such an invoice in 2014, while they weren’t even aware they were overusing their licensed software.

The My License control tool is:

    • Easy to use Windows installation wizard
    • Not limited to just Bentley software
    • designed to allow for customized configurations

The My License control tool allows you to:

    • Add custom file extensions
    • Manage usage of other (non-Bentley) applications
    • Implementing the use of different WorkSpaces
    • Check who is currently using your perpetual licenses
    • ……..

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Use the License Control Tool to manage Application Usage of the Perpetual Licenses you own!

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